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IKO Skincare

Organic Boys Deodorant

  • $12.00

Made in Auckland

Certified organic, 100% natural and vegan, especially formulated for boys.

Keep your teen boys fresh as a daisy, all day naturally. NO aluminium, NO baking soda, NO synthetic fragrances, 100% NO worries.



Janin's two boys, Heath and Zac, were the inspiration for IKO. The boys love to play and be outdoors, and DO NOT so much love showers and cleaning *cue eye roll* *cue eye roll* 

As the boys got older and their skin, and body, and self care needs were changing, they have largely grown up with only natural products, as Janin is also the founder of organic and vegan skincare brand Verite Spa. 

Now they're in their tween and teen years, Janin wanted the boys to start using skincare products that were not only 100% natural and safe to use, but actually worked. She also wanted something that was particuarly good for boys, because boys naturally have more sebum, which can create more of an oily and problematic skin as they hit puberty. Also mostly, she wanted to products without any frills or 100-step routine (at this age anyway).

So, with the boys' help, Janin set about making products formulated for tween and teen skin; easy to use, packed with 100% organic and natural ingredients that delivered results, and one with which we could also encourage a holistic lifestyle - teaching boys (and their parents) about skin, health and wellbeing.

Of course, everyone is 100% welcome to use these products - it's not about excluding anyone. Janin just want boys to know that skincare doesn't need to be fussy or filled with stuff that is going to make their skin worse in the long run, And that good nutrition and an active lifestyle can really go a long way to helping skin healthy.


Ingredients list: Aqua(NZ spring water) *Hamellianis Virginiana,  Lactobacillus ferment lysate, Leuconostoc/Radish root ferment filtrate, **Gluconolactone and Sodium benzoate and Calcium gluconate , (non-nano)Zinc oxide, Sclerotium rolfsii, Citrus junos, *Cupressus sempevirens, *Citrus sinensis, *Mentha piperita.

*certified organic **Ecocert approved preservative