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When a country has such grand yet gentle nature as New Zealand, it isn't surprising that beautiful products are made here. Even before the world's natural environment threatened and a global pandemic ravaged mankind, New Zealanders knew that true luxury is not about the latest technology, opulent packaging, celebrity endorsements or gold foiling.

In New Zealand, true luxury is being immersed in the accessible simplicity of the country’s magnificent nature. No crowds, no life threatening wildlife, no over-commercialisation. Just pure, clean nature with minimalist human intervention. In essence, this is NZ Style. True Luxury.

Small Marvels is a department store (online and bricks ‘n’ mortar) exclusively dedicated to outstanding luxury New Zealand brands made in NZ, with a focus on sustainable and ethical practices.
All brands in Small Marvels use only 100% pure, natural and sustainably sourced materials and ingredients. Packaging is environmentally kind and minimal.

New Zealand Made style is characterised by the purity of natural elements including wood, wool, Manuka honey, native botanicals, coconut oil and clay. 

Small Marvels is embedded with the principles of Sharing Economy; uniting NZ luxury entrepreneurs around the establishment of economies of scale in international distribution, supply chain infrastructure and purchasing, retailing, and marketing.

In 2022, Small Marvel is targeted to launch its first bricks ‘n’ mortar department store in Qatar, the wealthiest country in the world. This mind-blowing juxtaposition demonstrates that the meaning of True Luxury is well and truly changing.

Above all else, Small Marvels proves that together we are stronger, and can achieve anything. Welcome to New Zealand’s Department Store.


Carolyn Managh, Founder + Lead Curator

(image: Coromandel, North Island)




15 February 2021

We have 75 brands (over 500 products) stocked on Small Marvels shelves, with a further 20 brands being processed. Another 32 brands are in interview stage. The initial focus has been establishing a strong Beauty Hall, but the other departments will be gradually expanding over the coming weeks.