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How could you not fall in love with everything about New Zealand? There is an essence to this small country that feels like this is how life should be. The enviable indoor-outdoor lifestyle, breathtaking nature with minimalist human intervention defining the country’s curves, friendly Kiwis with invitations home for lunch after just meeting you, appreciation for the simple pleasures, birds singing in trees everywhere, long sandy beaches dotted with a handful of people and the occasional fur seal, and let's not forget the great coffee and cafe culture where breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Returning home to New Zealand after working in the big wide world for almost 20 years has a way of putting the marvellousness of this young little country into perspective. The freedom that comes from not being bound to centuries of history nor being built on hierarchical class systems is apparent is every corner you turn. There isn’t even a celebrity culture here. Instead, New Zealand life is built around nature and the good life.

Homes are designed around materials from the local sustainable forestry industry, luxury skincare uses plants with potent healing properties from the pharmacy of the forest, cafe menus are based on seasonality, Christmas holidays are spent at the beach, winter is wrapped in pure wool blankets originating from sheep stations up and down the country, meals are served on dinnerware handcrafted by local ceramicists ... the list goes on and on.

The other discovery upon returning home is that New Zealanders are producing stylish products as good, if not better, than their most famous international contemporaries.  What makes these small marvels extra special is that they are made around the heart of New Zealand nature, character and lifestyle.

After falling in love with these Small Marvels, it came to me that if I didn’t know that New Zealanders were producing stylish products for every room in the house, then maybe other people didn’t know either. So we created Small Marvels to bring together the very best of New Zealand natural lifestyle under one roof. Our next stage will see Small Marvels launching in a large international market in late 2021/early 2022.

Carolyn Managh