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Oceans + Humans

 Small Marvels is committed to helping restore balance to our oceans, by only working with brands that integrate sustainable practices across all aspects of their businesses.  This is our promise to you and the ocean.

The ocean plays an essential role for life on earth. It provides over 70% of the oxygen we breathe and over 97% of the world’s water supply.

Everyday, the ocean is under attack from natural sources and manmade pollution. Every day, toxic chemicals are entering our oceans. They have either been dumped on purpose from industry or naturally flow off land and waterways directly into rivers and streams, which eventually end up in our oceans.

This pollution doesn't only affect marine life, it is also having devastating affects on Mankind.

Chemicals such as oil, mercury, lead, pesticides, and other heavy metals can all be found within the ocean and can contaminate water supplies and our food chain by affecting the marine life involved. When humans are exposed to these toxic chemicals over long periods of time, dangerous health problems can occur, including hormonal issues, reproductive issues, and damage to our nervous systems and kidneys. 

Mankind is dependent on the ocean for survival. It helps us breath, regulates the climate, and provides employment for tens of millions of people around the world. The least we can do in return, is buy products from brands actively helping the ocean, rather than those doing more damage than good.