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Plush Pelt Cushion

  • $345.00

Made in Christchurch

From the makers of HRH Princess Charlotte's teddy bear and official Lord of the Rings cloaks and Gandolf's entire costume including his hat. 

"This softer than soft, limited edition pelt cushion is a genuine pièce de résistance. If Heaven were to be described as a cushion, this would be it. Each cushion is handcrafted and hand-finished to perfection." Carolyn Managh

The front is a unique cream pelt (every pelt is different) with a little grey coming through. The back of this gorgeous cushion is charcoal grey pure wool. 

Stansbough Grey Sheep are a registered breed, and one of the rarest sheep in the world. They are ethically reared and sheared twice yearly; given lots of water, shelter and kindness.  Their fleeces are intricately graded and graded before being spun into yarns of the highest quality for weaving. 

Size: 60cm x 40cm