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Hands + Nails Balm

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Made in Auckland


"This product seems like a duck out of water amongst the other more modern, sophisticated skincare product on our shelves. HOWEVER, it is the most extraordinary reviver of thin paper nails, aging hands (particuarly if you're a gardener) and even dry, cracked heels. 

In recent years, I've developed weak, paper thin fingernails which bend and break just by looking at them. I have tried everything, literally. Then Lanolux came along. The texture is slightly sticky and not remotely glamourous. But who cares when it is so intensively moisturising and restorative. After three weeks of using Lanolux every evening, my nails are showing signs of life unseen for years, and the nails that are coming out are strong and unbendy. Lanolux, I love you."

Carolyn, Curator + Founder of Small Marvels

Nature behind Lanolux

Lanolin is one of the most wonderful natural products to protect your lips, hands, feet, and your entire body. Lanolin helps keep the sheep’s coat protected and dry throughout the year. Lanolux Lanolin is extracted from the wool of NZ sheep, after shearing, and then refined to the highest grade available.

The  composition of lanolin is very similar to that of human skin lipids. Therefore, it is more skin-compatible than any other natural or synthetic ingredient in skincare. Lanolin forms a protective layer on the skin that allows air to get in but holds water in, allowing the skin to hydrate naturally.

Lanolin can also be a water reservoir, holding up to 400% of its weight, contributing to the natural skin hydration of lanolin products.

The natural emollient properties of lanolin helps to soften rough patches and works to create a protective barrier to help the skin retain its natural moisture.


Ingredients List: Lanolin Anhydrous, Fragrance.