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Kaitoke Wilds

Forager’s Lip Balm - 100% NZ ingredients

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Made on Great Barrier Island


A naturally simple way to salvage  dry lips, cuticles, skin-irritations, minor bites and grazes. Also great as a lip primer under lipstick and on nail cuticles. 

This lovely organic lip balm is made from Macadamia nut oil infused with propriety blend of kawakawa, plantain, chamomile, calendula, lavender + wild-flower beeswax. 

The Forager's collection is made from 100% NZ natural ingredients sourced from passionate, artesian growers across Aotearoa, New Zealand.  



Leaving city life to build a new future on Aotea/Great Barrier Island sounds like a dream. For Felicitas Weisbach it has come true, along with starting Kaitoke Wilds,on off-the-grid small batch skincare brand made in the middle of nature on Great Barrier Island

Growing up on idyllic Waiheke Island, in a household where natural and traditional remedies were the norm. “I can recall very fond memories of my childhood, foraging and blending herbs and flowers to make potions from our luscious fairy-like garden, and the native bush that surrounded us.”

After Felicitas and her partner moved to Great Barrier Island and they became new parents, Felicitas knew it was time to transform her love for plant healing into something tangible when she couldn;t find any natural skincare that felt vibrant, yet gentle enough to meet her needs as a new mother.

And so begun Felicitas's mission to create what she was looking for; extremely fresh, natural skincare that nourished and uplifted the body and mind. Skincare products that are truly special, truly 100% Aotearoa.

Setting up a small solar-powered studio separate from home was the first step. Felicitas then tracked down artisan growers across New Zealand.

“Along the way, I realised how important it was for me to be sourcing locally, both for sustainability and freshness. By working with small-scale farmers, the herbs and flowers that I work with are harvested seasonally, by truly passionate people who know these plants inside-out. It’s really exciting.

My vision has always been to create a network of growers, to encourage locally grown and produced… to have the smallest possible carbon footprint.” Felicitas


Ingredients listMacadamia nut oil infused with propriety blend of *kawakawa, *plantain, *chamomile, *calendula, *lavender + *wild-flower beeswax. *organic