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Kai Koor

Four Elements Body Scrub FIRE

  • $30.00

Made in Auckland

Fire is confident and passionate. Revitalize and ignite your zeal with our exfoliating scrub spiced with turmeric, ginger and sweet orange. All the good stuff in a jar.

Hero ngredients:

Sugar: Gently exfoliating and renewing, sugar gives skin a new glow and softness.

Fractionated coconut oil: Naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It is an excellent moisturizer, as it can penetrate better than other oils.

Ginger essential oil: The health benefits of ginger essential oil are nearly identical to the medicinal health benefits of fresh ginger; in fact, the most potent form of ginger is the essential oil because it contains the highest levels of gingerol. Used topically, Ginger Essential Oil soothes redness, eliminates bacteria, inhibits the signs of skin damage and aging, and restores color and radiance to a dull complexion.

Sweet orange essential oil: Vitamin C skin booster, clean pores and remove excess oil.

Turmeric: A deep, rich, sunshiney hue. Widely used as a skin exfoliant, turmeric is high in antioxidants that slow down cell damage.