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Golden Skin Oil, with St John's wort + kawakawa

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 Made in Dunedin, harvested in Otago

Golden Skin Oil is a 100% natural restorative oil made with Otago St John's Wort & kawakawa harvested in Pokaka, a small settlement at the foothills of Mount Ruapehu.

St John’s wort thrives in the wilds of Otago down in the South Island of New Zealand. WILD does an annual harvest with family and friends handpicking the golden flowers in the height of summer when the sun is shining, to ensure the flowers' maximum potency.

St John's wort symbolises summer sunshine and its ability to support a sunny disposition. ⁣This pretty plant is incredible in the way that it helps keep skin healthy by assisting in skin regeneration and reducing scar tissue by boosting blood flow to the affected area. Constituents of the St John's wort plant, like hyperforin and hypericin, possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that also work as a nerver insulator and can help for nerve pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and burns.

Targets + Support: topical support for irritated or inflamed skin  | nerve and muscular discomfort  |  deep moisturising

Active Ingredients in 1ml (5 pumps): ^ St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) T.E fresh flower to 272 mg, ^ Kawakawa (Marcopiper excelsum) T.E fresh leaf to 10 mg

*Organic, ^Wild harvested, T.E Tincture Equivalent

Base Ingredients: Certified organic extra virgin olive oil (Contains no added: Sugar, gluten, yeast, dairy, and no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or sweeteners)



"We are just like you. We have families, we work, we enjoy life. We want to you to know how to help the most important people in your life. Most importantly, we are people that want to share what is awesome about what we know. Plants. 

Skye Macfarlane is our certified medical herbalist and naturopath. She has worked in Health education for the last five years and continues her own practice. She is WILD'S chief formulator and educator. Skye also grows organic medical herbs and greens with her Husband Jed, on their property, Mihiwaka Vern Paddock. 

Alongside Skye's skills, I have a background in native plants and Environmental Science, and the third co-founder, Gerald Davies, comes from a diverse background including chefing, landscape design and business management. The three of us have the mission of manufacturing nature into extraordinary healing.

Every single one of our products has a wild element. That connection with nature, and the value it holds is so important, we wanted a piece of it in every bottle. Wild harvesting offers not only premium and potent traditional pant medicine- but also a connection to nature for us and you- our customers."

Ruth Vaughan, co-founder