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  • $190.00

Made in Auckland


Meet Lil’ Legacy, the Legacy Pan’s smaller and slightly cuter sibling. Like all Ironclad Cookware, the Lil’ Legacy is 100% New Zealand made and hand-poured to order. So every Lil’ Legacy is as unique as the family recipes it will prepare.

Made with recycled T100 iron, like its predecessor, the Lil’ Legacy has also been designed to withstand three generations of daily use. In short, it’s just as tough, it’s just lighter and smaller.

We're so confident it will last, every Lil’ Legacy automatically comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee™️.

With the right preparation and a little care, Lil’ Legacy will just get better with age.

Over the next century, it will transform from the unseasoned silver grey to a bronze after the first seasoning, gradually changing to a rich copper black.

All Ironclad Cookware arrives fresh from the foundry unseasoned - because unseasoned means no paint or chemicals. But don’t worry, everything you need to prepare your skillet comes in the box.

When it arrives, the box will include a bottle of Marlborough Grape Seed Seasoning Oil, an Ironclad cotton storage bag, printed care instructions, and a hand-signed Three Generation Guarantee™.


"Very, very happy with my Ironclad Pan. I followed the simple instructions to wash, dry, bake, oil, bake...and less than 3 hours later, with little effort, my new favourite pan was ready. Now to get on with some cooking. Very Homeland!"

- Chef Peter Gordon



1.7kg Single Mould Pour

High-Grade T100 Recycled Iron

200mm Diameter (single meal/sauce pan)

45mm High Sides

Hangable Ergonomic Handle

Dual Serving Lips