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WILD Dispensary

Liver Bitters

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Made in Dunedin/ Winner, Best of NZ Natural Awards - Digestion Category 2020

Liver Bitters is a synergy of carefully selected organic herbs for liver, digestion and hormone support. Bitters can support normal detoxification, relieve mild heartburn, help with appetite regulation, and soothe digestive issues like gas and bloating ... drop straight on your tongue for best effect. 

The term bitters refers to alcohol-based extracts of the bark, leaves, roots, or flowers of bitter-tasting plants that have been used medicinally since ancient times for digestive ailments. Traces of bitters have been found on pottery jars from an ancient tomb in Egypt, and the Romans have been known to have infused their wines with bitter herbs to try to boost good digestion and counteract the effects of overeating.

Globe Artichoke has a strong antioxidant action and works as a liver protector. it's bitter constituents assist with enhanced elimination.

Calendula is a powerful blood cleanser, and helps with stomach and skin issues. Calendula officinalis is the full name but it’s common name is just good old Calendula or Marigold. This plant has been used throughout the ages for healing; whether to help with nervous system support, or help with energy and ‘cleansing’. It's anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and an antibacterial; it has been found to help reduce pain from gut inflammation and helps with healing of gut ulcers. 

The calendula used by WILD Dispensary is bio gro certified from a local farm in Mihiwaka near Dunedin. It complements the liver bitters formulation by helping support lymphatic clearance and digestion; all essential when we are wanting our elimination pathways to work the best it can.

Targets + Support: convenient daily liver + digestion support  |  healthy bowel function  |  toxin elimination to assist with clear skin

Active Ingredients in each 1ml dose: *Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) T.E fresh leaf 200mg, *Orange Peel (Citrus sinensis) T.E fresh peel 200mg, *Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) T.E dried pod 120mg, ^ Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) T.E fresh leaf 120mg, *Calendula (Calendula officinalis) T. E fresh flower 80mg

*Certified Organic, ^ Wild Harvested, T.E (Tincture Equivalent)

Base Ingredients: Ethanol (45%)non-palm vegetable glycerin and spring water. (Contains no added: Sugar, gluten, yeast, dairy, and no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners)



"We are just like you. We have families, we work, we enjoy life. We want to you to know how to help the most important people in your life. Most importantly, we are people that want to share what is awesome about what we know. Plants. 

Skye Macfarlane is our certified medical herbalist and naturopath. She has worked in Health education for the last five years and continues her own practice. She is WILD'S chief formulator and educator. Skye also grows organic medical herbs and greens with her Husband Jed, on their property, Mihiwaka Vern Paddock. 

Alongside Skye's skills, I have a background in native plants and Environmental Science, and the third co-founder, Gerald Davies, comes from a diverse background including chefing, landscape design and business management. The three of us have the mission of manufacturing nature into extraordinary healing.

Every single one of our products has a wild element. That connection with nature, and the value it holds is so important, we wanted a piece of it in every bottle. Wild harvesting offers not only premium and potent traditional pant medicine- but also a connection to nature for us and you- our customers."

Ruth Vaughan, co-founder