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Wool, Merino + Possum Poncho

  • $190.00

Made in Canterbury, Wellington + Otago


Natural beauty, natural drape, natural comfort. You will love the gentle, soft feeling of this lovingly crafted, non-dyed natural merino yarn in a versatile style that can be worn three different ways. One size fits all. 

50% Pihepe wool, 25% Merino, 25% Possum

Made in New Zealand, organically grown and scoured these super soft ponchos are designed to keep you cosy. Lightweight and warm with memorable stretch.



The founders of Wyld, Roger and Nicki Beattie, along with their family, have been raising the bar on organic and natural farming practises for over three decades.

Roger Beattie, enviropreneur and founder of Wyld, lived on the Chatham Islands for 17 years and was often involved in conservation programmes. It was here that Roger became enamoured by the wild and free breed of sheep. Roger and Nick Beattie left the Chathams in 1992 and bought a farm on Banks Peninsula; bringing just 8 ewes and 2 rams with him and continuing to purchase more Pitt Island Wild Sheep when he could.

Roger and Nicki now run 2500 Pihepe on Banks Peninsula and continue to breed and develop these wild sheep through 'natural selection. 

The Beattie's vision is to become the world's premier wool producer from easy care, ethical, organic sheep, with a goal to create unique fibres of outstanding quality by combining the wonderful diversity of nature with infinite human ingenuity.