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Au Natural Skinfood

NO Soap Soap

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Made in Christchurch

NO Soap Soap Manuka honey body bar is sulfate free and is highly effective at balancing your skins microbiome while protecting your hands and body.

This gentle sudsy soap bars if vegetarian and only include the ingredients your body needs and nothing that it doesn’t, allowing you to nourish your body and the environment the same time.

With its use of antibacterial Manuka honey, there is no need for harsh chemicals or soaps, and even better, NO Soap Soap bar uses substantially less water during manufacturing and production.

With this body bar, your hands and body will be naturally protected from external pollutants, leaving your skin nourished, clean and protected.



Au Natural founders Tracy and Tony Ahern started this environmentally kind skinfood venture in 2014, with a deep respect for bees and their naturally derived contribution to beautiful, hydrated skin.

Living for just a short six weeks in the summer and four to six months in the winter, each bee only produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. Collectively, however, a hive makes enough honey to not only support itself over winter, but also to have a little extra, that beekeepers can harvest for food and of course for skincare.

Bees are an exceptionally important part of our ecosystem, and we need to look after them so you can rest assured that no bees are harmed in the making of Au Natural Skinfood products – in fact they are treated like rock stars and given the very best environment to live and thrive off. 

Au Natural sources active 16+ Manuka honey from local apiaries who use ethical and sustainable practices. This means that hives are placed in native vegetation free of GMO’s and pesticides, and the beekeepers leave enough honey and pollen for the bees to feed on until the next season. Manuka honey harvesting must also be done without the use of synthetic repellents.

While honeybees may be small, they make an essential contribution to maintaining human health, and indeed, our survival. It is thought that one in three bites of food we eat depends on bees for its production, and their influence is spreading into health and skincare. Now is a perfect opportunity to plant something in your garden, or even in your kitchen or apartment, that will help to keep our honeybee population growing.


In 2019, Au Natural Skinfood partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand. 

"There have been many successes along our sustainability journey, but this could well be our most meaningful and the partnership was certainly not entered lightly.  As we continue to grow we hope not only to support the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand financially, but also to encourage our team and members to roll up their sleeves and plant more trees in New Zealand, educating our youth on sustainable living along the way." Tony + Tracy Ahern


Ingredients List: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate (Sustainable), Deionised Water, Fragrance, Manuka Oil (Tea Tree Leaf Extract).