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Selby & Leo

Pan Seasoning Oil

  • $35.00

Made in Dunedin

Selby & Leo Pan Seasoning Oil is a specially formulated blend of natural, food safe oils, chosen for their quality seasoning properties and high smoke points. Perfect for the first seasioning of a new cast iron pan, restoring an old pan, or regular maintenance of your loved pans.

Pan seasoning helps form a protective layer on top of your cookware that becomes baked in through polymerization. This is what gives your pan a natural, easy-release finish to make cast iron cooking and cleaning a pleasure and not a chore.

When your pan is brand new, use pan seasoning oil to create that first foundation layer of carbonized oil. Follow the manufacturers instructions. Most brand new pans are unseasoned, so it should be done before you use your pan for the first time. 

Each time you use your pan, you are naturally adding more layers of seasoning, through the oil or fat being cooked in the pan.

Pan Seasoning Oil is also useful for regular maintenance. Just a splash of oil (about a teaspoon) rubbed in with a cloth or lint-free paper towel after washing and drying your pan, will keep your pan living its best possible life for many years to follow.
Perfect accompliment to the Ironclad Pans (available here), first choice of NZ chefs., including Kiwi chef extraordinaire Peter Gordon.