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Wilson & Dorset

Sheepskin Stones (floor cushions - set of 3)

  • $995.00

Grown in New Zealand

These sculptural stackable, sheepskin floor cushions are designed to fit your natural bends and curves. Sheepskin Stones are firm enough to use as a floor seat or pouffe and soft enough to get cosy with as a headrest or floor cushion. The perfect companion to the Shaggy Bean Bag, they form a dynamic duo as a comfy and portable modular setup. Inspired by the local river-stones smoothed by the mighty waterways of New Zealand's South Island. Extreme comfort plus beautiful sculptural additions to your space.

The Short Wool Stone Set is made from ethically sourced sheepskins in New Zealand, shorn to a uniform 12mm pile length. The sheepskin in these stone floor cushions are resist dyed, leaving the wool with a beautiful two tone, marble like finish. This Short Wool pile is chic, timeless and easy to care for. 

Small Stone: 17cm height x 37cm length approx.
Medium Stone: 24m height x 55cm length approx.
Large Stone: 27cm height x 70cm length approx.



If ever there was a couple destined to do great things with wool, it’d have to be Ben Wilson and Amanda Dorset. 

Ben and Amanda had known each other since high school but it was to be years later that they’d reconnect and brew a quiet sheepskin revolution. Camping on the shores of Lake Wanaka with a bunch of old mates in the height of summer, they got to talking about the wonders of wool and game-changing ways they could bring the luxury and durability of sheepskin to the world. Their chat was a catalyst for the development of a new lounging concept - the Wilson & Dorset ethos of bringing nature into the home to create opportunities to slow down and re-connect with our environment and each other. 

It was by nurture rather than nature that led to Amanda’s passion for wool’s natural features, established during the five years spent marketing Icebreaker during the early days of the now-iconic New Zealand outdoor clothing brand.

In Ben’s case, wool might well be found in his DNA. One of Ben's earliest memories is of playing on the bespoke sheepskin carpet his father had made for the lounge in his family's East Taieri farmhouse. This is perhaps where his deep connection with the form and functionality of wool fibre was embedded. With three generations of entrepreneurial forebears behind him, seeing business opportunities in re-thinking primary products came naturally to him.