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Made in Piha


Swaddle your baby the easy way with international Award-nominated SNUGPOD. No fuss or complicated instructions, just zip your little one into the SNUGPOD for an easy and comfortable swaddle. Simple, easy and the perfect swaddle every time.

Ideal for newborns, the SNUGPOD creates a cozy womb-like feeling and helps prevent the startle reflex that can wake baby. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into pod for a secure, comfortable fit. Mimicking the womb, baby can move her arms and legs around as she is used to due to our unique ergonomic bell shaped design.

Pediatricians from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) in Florida USA recommend our SNUGPOD as a "hip-healthy" product. "There is plenty of room for the baby to kick and move the hips", according to Dr. Price MD, FAAP, Director of IHDI.

A unique fabric with all the amazing thermo regulating properties of Merino Wool has  been used, combined with the silky softness of Cotton, the result is a luxuriously soft fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear. No scratch, no itch and perfect for delicate and sensitive skin.

The fibres are evenly intertwined to distribute the merino evenly throughout the fabric. Snugpods only use New Zealand Merino as it is of far superior quality - it has unique thermo regulating properties and wicks away moisture to make sure your little one stays warm and dry all night. Even in the early hours when the temperature drops.  

Handmade in New Zealand to the highest quality and safety standards our sleeping bags ensure safer sleep for baby and peace of mind for you.
All Snugpods meet New Zealand Children's Sleepwear Safety Regulations.