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Hushaberry Heritage

XXL Woolly Bean Bag - Toi Toi

  • $2,285.00

Made around New Zealand

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Fall into the comfort of this beautifully designed, giant sheepskin ball of coziness. Made from high quality long New Zealand wool, this heavenly bean bag is the ultimate luxury for relaxing. It will add indulgent softness to any bedoroom or living room.

Hand cut, hand stitched and each stuffed by hand, each woolly sheepskin bean bag is made to order. The silky soft fur adds luxury and cosiness, not to mention the practical and eco-friendly fully washable sheepskin outer.

This super-sized take on the classic bean bag is made from specially selected long wool sheepskins. Natural wool is very easy to take care of if treated well. The fibres unique structure repel dirt and give a natural durability and robustness.

The Hushberry bean bag is lined with a fabric inner for easy filling and extra strength and shape. A zip enables easy access for you to fill.

Also available in long hair black/brown here

Size: 90cm H x 95cm Dia x Circumference 285cm


This bean bag takes approximately 4 litres of standard beans. Obviously, we would love you to use beans which are biodegradable, certified commercially compostable and made in NZ from PLA (maize starch).  So to help you, here's a link for where to buy the biodegradable and compostable beans